Egyptian Festival

Egyptian Festival

Ottawa Egyptian Festival

Ottawa 2017 – Canada 150: Egyptian Festival (15 – 19 Jul 2017)

Folks from all over Ottawa attended the Egyptian Festival this past summer 2017 held in the Horticultural Building in Lansdowne Park.

People could come to discover all areas of Egyptian culture including traditional clothing, jewelry, hand-crafts by Egyptian Artisans and of course Egyptian foods.

It was fun to spot the traditionally dressed Pharos who were milling about and making themselves available for photo-ops.

Some guests got to enjoy the booths that were setup to describe key historical events in Egypt and the surrounding areas. Facts about ancient Egypt to the Pharaonic period dating from the 32nd century BC were discussed by local event coordinators. As well some were learning a little about the making of Egyptian paper, which was made from papyrus, and pottery that was mass-produced and exported throughout the Mediterranean basin. It was great to see young people walk away with a new understanding of Egypt and a desire to learn more.

The guests were dazzled by dozens of talented Ottawa Egyptian dancers. The room was a buzz with activity while some guests participated and learned a few dance moves.

Another highlight of the festival was the menu, which consisted of a number of authentic Egyptian dishes. Rayan Poissonnerie and Restaurant was a main focus for food. They setup out back, sheltered from the hot sun by a huge tent. People were lined up and the friendly staff at the Rayan booth could hardly keep up with demand. Folks devoured fresh seafood and sides. Plates were piled-high while guests mingled and discussed the Egyptian culture, enjoyed the live entertainment and filled-up on great food.

Event attendee Jennah Heydari said“This was an outstanding cultural event . I learned a lot and was thoroughly entertained. To top it off the seafood was amazing!”

Event coordinators were heard saying the event was much anticipated, as it is annually, and they received strong positive feedback for the summer 2017 festival.


 by Jessie Moore

All images are under copyright © RAYAN POISSONNERIE